Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mom and the Ayala Triangle Light and Sound Show

FM made a promise to me that he will take my Mom to see the Light and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle. You see, my Mom wasn't able to see it last year and so this year, I really wanted to have her see it. I knew that she would appreciate it and I knew that it was something she would love. I'm so lucky that FM delivered.

Last night, we went to Ayala Triangle to watch the Light and Sound Show. My Mom loved it. Seriously. She was like a kid who was let loose in a theme park. I loved the expressions on her face.

After watching the light and sound show, we trooped to Momo Cafe and feasted. I didn't take photos of the food anymore because I just wanted to focus on being with my family and the funny man.

It was a great dinner and for the first time in a long time, I was just in the moment with them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you FM for this great moment you gave our family.

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