Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ramen Cool

Ramen Cool is a bright spot in the busy, dark streets of Kapitolyo. With the interiors being a bright sunny color, it was a place that I marked in my head. I said to myself, "I'm going to eat there" and late last week it finally happened.

FM decided that we'd have dinner here because he knew that I wanted to have dinner here. I liked the interior of this place. It was nicely lit and the colors were very warm.

FM and I decided to get the basics. I started off with the Salmon Creme Soup which was Php95. It was HUGE and it was creamy. I love the taste of the salmon and the mixture of the greens and milk. It was really good.

The Kohi Ice is Php130. It is made of small coffee cubes, milk, and honey syrup. FM was kind enough to demonstrate how to make it and I really, really love this series of shots.

I love how the colors turned. Best part is that when you add 2 cups of honey, it tasted really good. I also ordered the Seafood Ramen which was Php205. It was big enough for 2 and I knew that FM loves ramen so I got this for him.

The reason I got the ramen is because FM ordered this because he knew I wanted the sushi but not the rice. The Chirashi Regular is Php195 and I love how fresh the fish was.

The last thing on our table was the Tuna Steak which is also priced at Php195. This is the least favorite dish of mine for that night. I don't know. I just didn't like it.

Overall, I'd still recommend Ramen Cool to friends and readers. The place is very nice and the food is overall really tasty.


  1. That Kohi Ice interest me..hehehe...And the seafood ramen is quite a pleaser. I guess we ate that in Fushi Resto too last Tuesday.

  2. will consider this when we visit kapitolyo! :)


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