Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kilimanjaro Kafe

One of the restaurants that we tried during our vacation in Cebu was Kilimajaro Kafe in Plantation Bay. It seems that when you are inside Plantation Bay, it takes a cab to take you outside and dine. It's better to just eat inside the place and enjoy your stay which is what my family and I did.

Kilimajaro Kafe is where you can grab a good eat and enjoy the view of Plantation Bay at its finest. 

This is the view that you see while eating. I think its simply divine. The greens of the trees and the blue of the water is soothing not just to the eye but also to the soul. Our Mom and family enjoyed taking photos around the place.

The food at Kilimanjaro was simple but it was tasty. B ordered spaghetti and enjoyed it. Our Lola also ordered the same thing after tasting what B had.

We also ordered Chicken Lollipops, tofu, boiled beef, sizzling liver, and pansit; all of which were cooked really well. Even their Iced Tea was delicious.

Indeed, the place was simply a sight for the eyes and heaven to the lips. It was a perfect way to open our dining experience at Plantation Bay.


  1. We're glad you enjoyed your dining experience in Kilimanjaro Kafe. Our chefs will surely appreciate your compliments.

  2. Nice place and the foods ....such a drool


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