The Value of Values

During the Coaching the Wonder Woman workshop, one of the activities that we did was a values auction. They gave us 5400 worth of play money and the concept was to choose from a list of values, and bid on the ones we want or desire the most.

I chose 5 out of the list and did my projection of initial bids. I ended up buying only 2 and blowing off the whole 5400 on these two.

 While the "auction" was ongoing, I realized that Security is very important to me as well as self respect. Self respect because without it, I'd be back to the battered, pathetic person that I was when I was still with B's dad and believed every lie he told me. Security because this is what my son needs the most.

It's funny that it was a simple activity that made me realize the values I value the most. I'm glad that this self realization happened. I'm glad that even with a simple activity, I managed to get security and self respect. I plan to never let go of these two no matter what.

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