Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Penang

We were about to catch a movie in an hour. We needed to grab something to eat and this was a place that I haven't tried yet so we ended up giving it a shot.

The first thing I ordered was the hot tarik. For only Php75, you get a cup of hot tea with lots of warm milk. The tea used is very strong but partnered with milk, it was very unique and really, really good.

Truthfully, I am craving it again now. 

The other thing I ordered was the famous penang char kway teow. It was a bit pricey at Php245 but the fried flat noodles with prawns, egg, bean sprouts, chinese sausage, and cockles made for a really good meal.

FM ordered a set meal which consisted of fish fillet in black pepper sauce with rice. It was only Php180 and it came with dessert which I ate. Haha.

Though lunch lasted for less than an hour, FM and I enjoyed our time together.

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  1. I'm a milk tea drinker so definitely it will buy me off.


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