Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decluttering Magazines

I must admit I am one of those women who just loves to buy magazines. I buy at least 5 a month and multiply that by 12 you have at least 60 magazines in a year. It may not sound a lot but you add the years and suddenly, you realize that there's just not enough space in the house for all those magazines collecting dust.

Sure, visitors love to browse and your kids could possibly use it for a project but seriously, it collects dust and what have you the rest of the year. So, what's a girl got to do?

What I did was to buy cheap sketch books and I tore off the pages I wanted to keep or could use and pasted it on the sketch books. I instantly cut down my clutter from 100% to 20%. My Mom was so happy because she hates clutter.

I also divided it into categories. One sketch book has been tagged Recipes or Food Places, the other is Arts and Crafts, while the other is tagged Vacation Staycation. When I want to try a new food place or recipe, I just pull out the sketchbook and I have a cheaper but equally nice version of a cookbook.

What's your de-cluttering style?

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  1. wow! now you've given me an idea on how to declutter my piles of mags. thanks K


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