Uncle Cheffy

We were on a date but FM wouldn't tell me where we were going. He's trying to teach me to be more spontaneous because I like having things in order. So last night, there we were, walking around and we ended up here.

I liked the woody interiors of the place. It reminds you of brick ovens and wooden cottages. However, it wasn't really that homey because of the chairs they used.

FM and I finally ordered and we got the pumpkin soup, the pot roast, ribs, and 3 cheese pizza. I also ordered the banana shake which was one of their best sellers.

One sip and I fully understood why it was. It was heavenly and the banana bits were really good. It wasn't too sweet nor did it leave an after taste.

The ribs were so-so. Even when we had it heated, it was good but it wasn't super good. It was soft though.

The pumpkin soup was a FAIL. It was too liquidy. It wasn't creamy nor was it rich in flavor. I wanted to weep because I really like good pumpkin soup.

The pot roast on the other hand was the winner of the night. It was soft, tasty, and just simply a great experience. The flavors exploded in your mouth and it was just wonderful.

As for the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese pizza, FM loved it and for a non cheese pizza fan like me, I could say that it was actually pretty good.

Overall, FM and I had fun last night and we loved Uncle Cheffy. The only downside was the aircon that kept dropping bits of water into our food.