Monday, September 17, 2012

Grams Diner

After watching Bench Universe and having waited 2 hours before the show started, FM, my Mom and I were all hungry after. We ended up eating at Grams Diner because my Mom wanted burger but she wanted juicy burger and not the dry one.

I tweeted some foodie friends and got positive reviews about Grams Diner.

My Mom did not like the glass used. FM and I thought it was cute but my Mom gave it the thumbs down. She said that it looked like it was a Lady's Choice Mayonnaise bottle. I didn't like the taste of this. It was a bit too sour for me.

The hot chocolate was pretty good as well. They used authentic tablea and it was oh so good.

Now the tapa was just downright, hands down a winner. The tapa served was a lot and the rice, though it was just garlic rice, was really really good. The sunny side up was cooked perfectly. It was so good I ended up eating way much more than I could.

Overall, I'm definitely going back to this place if only for the Tapa. It was THAT good. Honestly, I can still taste the tapa in my mouth and this was 2 nights ago. Yum!


  1. i want also tapa now! but i actually need to go to the filipino restaurants though, xx

  2. I like the breakfast meal ,kakamiss ang tapa. And your mom was right, the glass look like a jar of mayonnaise.

  3. I love hot chocolates! It's good to know that this place serves it with a pure Tabliya :)

  4. Hmmmm...a must try DINER. Funny thing, your mom was right, the glass use is a replica of a mayonnaise bottle.

  5. Oh my so this is the much raved tapa of Grams Diner. Hope I can try this place really soon!

    Hefty Foodie

  6. Your mom was right! That's a Lady's Choice Mayonnaise bottle *chuckles* :)
    The hot chocolate and tapsilog looked good!

  7. I have been wanting to try gram's diner for the longest time. ang hirap lang ng parking sa abs-cbn.

    rc gweniful

  8. It is still not crossed out on my list :( Surely a must-see place.

  9. Tapsilog is one of the best Filipino dish. I love it while it's hot.

  10. Where is Grams Diner Ms. Kathy? I love tapa too!! And I would agree with your Mom, i also don't like the glass used in her drink. Ahahah!

    1. Sorry. It's in the Fort. Katabi ng Drive Thru na Starbucks.

  11. Where is Grams Diner? Is it located in Cubao?


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