Friday, September 14, 2012

Casa Manila

A couple of weeks ago, FM and I took the kids for a day out. We wanted to spend time with them but we also wanted to ensure that it would be educational and fun.

We started with Casa Manila, a museum inside Intramuros.

Unfortunately, they do not allow photos to be taken inside. It was pretty sad because there were a lot of beautiful pieces that deserved to be photographed and shown. The inside of the museum was simply stunning. I learned a lot and it was indeed a revelation.

Best part of the tour: the guards allowed me to touch books that were over 200 years old. Sigh. My bookworm heart fell in love.

After, we hanged out at the garden of Casa Manila and had a mini photoshoot.

Casa Manila in my opinion is one of the most complete museums that caters to the Spanish era. They had items that I have never ever seen in other museums. It was quite a learning experience to be honest.

I'd definitely recommend visiting Casa Manila to anyone who wants to see how it was like to live life during the Spanish ear. It is quite an experience to walk through their life but that is how it would be like once you step inside the abode of Casa Manila.


  1. Blog hopping. :) How much is the entrance fee? I stayed in Manila for four years but I haven't been to that museum yet :( Must pay it a visit soon. Thanks for the info :)


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