Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Robot Zoo

B got the 3rd spot in the honor roll in his batch. Eventhough I do not tutor him as much as I used to, he was still 3rd honor. For this, I felt that he deserved a treat and FM felt the exact same way. He took us to Robot Zoo last Saturday.

To say that B was ecstatic would be an understatement.

Going inside was amazing at first. Seeing all the robots and mechanical counterparts of animals was really nice. What I didn't like was that the children couldn't get up close and really see how things worked. I wished that they had a personnel that could actually teach and show the kids how these things run.

As for B, he doesn't care about these things. He was simply happy. He was running around and looking at things in wonder and I was so happy for him. Even V was happy going around and trying out new things.

B won the hanging thing. He lasted 9 seconds. We lasted less than 5 seconds each. Shame.

For Php200 entrance though, I'd still recommend to Moms that they bring their little boys to this place. It's a good avenue for kids to learn more about animals, play with machines, and to simply have fun.

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