Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mango Tree Bistro

I had dinner here with friends a few months ago. We were looking for places to eat and since we were craving Thai food, we ended up at Mango Tree Bistro.

The interiors were very nice and cozy. I loved the color combination used.

After savoring the coziness and warmth of the place, my friends and I got down to the business of ordering food. Now, what would Thai food be without pad thai.

Isn't this one of the prettiest pad thai you've ever seen? Best thing is that it was also very tasty and good. The nuts were very refreshing and the lemon added zing and zest.

The vegetables were also pretty good. It wasn't overcooked and the sauce was just right. I've had instances in other restaurants were the sauce was a bit too much but this one at Mango Tree Bistro was just the right amount.

Another staple that I have is the Bagoong Rice. The bagoong rice of Mango Tree Bistro was so well presented that it took us over 3 minutes before we had the heart to eat it. It was just so delicious looking and it was delicious too.

I miss eating at Mango Tree Bistro. I can see myself definitely going back here soon.

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