Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nanbantei of Tokyo

FM and I were strolling around looking for a place to have lunch the other day when we chanced upon this restaurant. It seemed welcoming enough and so we decided to give it a shot.

The interiors of the place were very earthy. Mixture of wood and wood colors made it very pleasing to the eyes. However, the food serving sizes were not.

We didn't know that the serving size was very tiny and this was why the food seemed "cheaper" than most Japanese places. We felt fooled. :(

We decided to get the Best Seller platter to make the most out of dining experience. It contained 21 sticks and had Aspara Maki, Tebasaki, Pork Garlic Yaki, Shiso Maki, Negima, Corn, and Poteto Maki.

It was filling and we didn't finish it simply because there were 2 of us and 21 of them. I also ordered miso soup and fried rice.

For the taste, I still wasn't impressed. I felt the grilled meat was dry. The asparagus was really great and the chicken wings too but the rest, it was just dry.

FM said he will come back and eat there but not anytime soon. I say no.

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