Monday, September 17, 2012

and the winners ARE ....

First off, I'm sorry that we were not able to announce the winners over the weekend. PLDT sucks and Globe apparently does not install when its raining. Why? I have no idea.

So anyway, here goes. As promised, B was the one who chose the winners by drawing from a mug and all of it was documented.

Congratulations to Rochelle for winning the grand prize which is a photoshoot with Jules, a mug from Lou's Gift Basket, and 2 dozen cookies from Fet Boys.

As a surprise, I am also giving a consolation prize to RM Cuenca who was picked out of the mug by B. He will receive a Starbucks Novelty mug and 1 dozen cookie. Please PM me via FB for details.

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you to those who joined! :)


  1. oh my Goodness...., HAHAHAHA

    It's my First time to win ahahaha



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