Saturday, September 8, 2012

a taste of Aria

We were supposed to have lunch at Metrowalk and find some cheap place to eat at. Suddenly, FM turns a corner and gets a parking space at BGC. I was surprised and then I was just happily shocked.

He turns to me and says, "See? Unplanned things are always great!"

I laughed. The funny man strikes again.

So went walking and I chose to try Aria since I have heard a great many reviews on it.

The moment we stepped in, we felt at ease because the place was just clean and cozy. I loved the ambiance of Aria. It was comfortably classy.

We ordered pasta; FM had pesto and I had ravioli. One bite and it was sheer heaven. I asked FM if his pesto was good and he replied with a NO. Turns out it was GREAT! As for the ravioli, it was tasty and chunky. It had fillings and everything just complemented each other.

We're definitely coming back to Aria, maybe with family or friends, to try out their other dishes. It was such a wonderful dining experience that I definitely wouldn't mind eating there again.


  1. I still have to try the Manila branch!

  2. i have yet to try aria..dapat madami ksma pra mas mdmi mtry :)

  3. I love Aria! we always eat there whenever we're in Boracay. Great to know that they now have a branch in Manila. Try their pizzas :)


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