Sunday, September 2, 2012

from FOBA to FAB

I used to be a member of the FOBA community. I used to have Fear Of Being Alone. This was the reason why I was always in a relationship or constantly surrounded by friends. I couldn't eat out by myself, have coffee by myself, or even watch a movie by myself.

2 years ago, I learned to be FAB instead of FOBA. I learned that I can do things on my own and be happy. It wasn't easy and it was a journey that took months but once I took that first step,there was no turning back.

I started with one hour coffee sessions by myself. Initially, I would have books, cameras, iPods, and notebooks to serve as my companion. Eventually, I just started enjoying my book or my music and havin' fun by myself.

This was followed with quick lunch dates on my own. I realized that if I wanted to try a new place, I don't need to wait for friends to try it with me or a guy to ask me out. I can just go out on my own and eat. I don't need to wait for someone. I had no more reason to miss out on a dining experience.

Finally, I watched movies and play by myself. I found myself enjoying it because there was no one to interrupt and I did not have to explain anything to anyone. Sure, there were moments I missed it but overall, it was just fun.

Now, I have someone very special to go with me to these things but I know that if he won't be free or he's not interested in what I want to see, I can still be comfortable in my own skin and with me, myself, and I for a companion.

After all, I do not fear being alone anymore for I am now truly a FABULOUS woman.

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