Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the MOA eye ...

I am scared of heights. I am very scared of heights. I can't even look down the window of a bus when it gets up an overpass. I am that scared of heights.

Imagine my amazement when I actually said yes to riding the MOA eye. Yes, even I was amazed.

Looking at the MOA eye, I felt all kinds of squeamish and my tummy went inside out. It may not have been that big for others who have seen the London Eye or the Singapore Flyer but for me, it was HUGE.

When we first got in the MOA Eye, I immediately regretted my decision. For the first half, I panicked, let out screams, panicked again, got scared, panicked, and just plain fell apart. However, during the second half, I was able to regain my poise and had fun. I even have a few decent shots. 

And here is the view ....

Isn't it pretty?

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