Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Restaurante Pia y Damaso

My family and I had dinner in Greenbelt a few months back and we capped the night by having coffee and desserts at Restaurante y Damaso. Being the gluttonous bunch that we are, we ordered different cakes and pastries and ended up devouring all of them.

The coffee that they served was actually even better than the coffee served at Starbucks. It was creamy, thick. foamy, and blended just right. It also looks gorgeous.

They served a variety of cakes and pastries and almost all of it was good.

The ube macapuno cake was so good. We had to fight off each other for the macapuno ball. I won of course. Good thing the cake had big chunks of macapuno slices found here and there.

The brazo mercedes was also perfect. The sweetness of the filling was not too overwhelming.

Sisa's Insanity was exactly what it was. Insane. It was chocolate overload filled with chocolate goodness. It was just chocolate chocolate chocolate.

Overall, I can see myself coming back to this place if only to indulge in their cakes.

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