Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stackers Lunch

FM and I went on a date last Saturday. It's been quite some time since we had a whole day to ourselves and I'm really glad he made time to take me out. We ended up having lunch at Stackers and the funny thing about it was that he wasn't sure I'd like it coz it was just burgers. He didn't know that I've been wanting to try that place for the longest time.

We found ourselves seated on a bench table which I normally favor and we ended up getting burger and chicken. FM got the burger, I tried the chicken. I was curious about the chicken because it was baked fried chicken.

FM liked the burger though he's not a super fan of it. It was pretty tasty. It was just a bit hard to eat because of the way it was presented. I liked my baked fried chicken since it was pretty tasty. I just did not like that I had to wait almost 30 minutes for it. Plus points to the staff though because they do give you fair warning.

What I really loved about our lunch was this.

It was oh so good. The coke float was just so perfect. Overall, I'd go back to Stackers from time to time though it's not top of my list.


  1. Which burger did you try? I love Stackers!! Too bad the Metrowalk branch closed. :(

  2. parang ansarap lantakan nung burger. hehe. ;)


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