Saturday, December 18, 2010

Team Oli Xmas Eklat

I call it eklat coz it wasn't really a dinner nor a party but more of hanging out together to celebrate the season. Eklat is what have you. LOL. And so, I don't regret going to the party at all because it was SO MUCH FUN. I had a hard time getting there and had to walk for 30 minutes looking for the place in 4 inch heels but the company of the people was worth it. Yes, my team is worth it. They rock!

After several months of being with them, I can finally say, I feel comfortable with them. I like them and I think, they like me too. =)

So here are the gorgeous ladies of my team whom I took pictures of. Yes, these are my photos.

Pretty right? And here is our team ... the team photos are to follow because its with the others and I need to wait for them to upload.

And here is where we ate ... the rookie buffalo wings are to die for ... it is spicy in just the right way.

And of course, here is my favorite picture of myself last night. I think I looked really nice.

Happy weekend!

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