Friday, December 10, 2010

Lechon Pizza

I met up with an old friend today at Mall of Asia and after hanging out at Starbucks and going around, we ended up eating at Pizza Hut. I immediately ordered the Lechon Pizza since I was quite fascinated with the thought of killing oneself with a massive heart attack after eating a bite of Lechon Pizza. LOL.

So we sat down and ordered food which arrived on time and one after another. Here they are ...

1. Waldorf Salad
2. Cream of Chicken
3. Fizzy Soda
4 and 5.  Seafood Supremo
6. Lechon Pizza 

So we arte and liked what was served until we saw the Lechon Pizza and then we kinda panicked. LOL. It just looked too scary. It was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Yep, we were seriously just staring at the pizza pondering if we were going to risk it. And we did!

Obviously, we survived. The Lechon Pizza was quite an experience. It was like eating stuffed meat in a sandwich with some sweet Mang Tomas sauce and chicharon. Yep, it was UNIQUE.

Would I recommend it? I'd say give it a shot. It's worth a try. It's something different and not something that you'd get to consume on a daily basis. I don't regret trying it, especially since I didn't pay. LOL. Besides, it gave us really good memories.

Good times my friends, good times!

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