munimuni # 52

Revelations and realizations ... this week is all about the two R's in life. Revelations because I learned so much about someone this week and I am so happy that I listened to my inner voice for the first time. My inner voice was right in all its assumptions and it has been validated.

Realization because I once again realized that I am stronger than I initially thought. I truly have learned to appreciate the value of me time now and I am more in touch with who I am and what I want. This being said, I have also come to realize that I truly am not ready for any sort of relationship with the opposite sex. So for now, and in the coming year, I say: NO BOYFRIEND, NO PROBLEM. 

I was quite busy this whole week, fleeting around from one place to another like a social butterfly. My grandparents arrived this week. I partied with coworkers and hanged out at Starbucks with some friends ... met with a great group of Starbucks Citymugs and Tumblers Collectors ... experienced the new store of Starbucks which was really quite amazing ... and did some Christmas shopping. To make it sweeter, I had a date with my son as well as some alone time.

Overall, it has been a pretty great week. The bad part which I call misadventures, deserve a blog post all by itself. LOL.