Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chinese artists at World Trade Center

I went to the World Christmas Bazaar yesterday with Janina and I am simply amazed at the talented Chinese artists who would make drawings for you at such a small fee ... they took my breath away. I was able to resist buying anything save for some gifts but these Chinese artists were really good. In fact, I am going back there next week to have my portrait done. I've always wanted one and he can do it for only Php500. Beat that. I'd definitely blog it so you guys can understand the fuss.

For now, here is one of my precious buys from the Bazaar. A handwritten drawing of my name in Chinese. My name in Chinese is read as Cu Pao Yin which means Precious Cloud.

Those are his only tools. Amazing right? I was so impressed. He also made one for my Mom.

Here I am, the uber happy camper. Money very well spent.

And here it is on my bedroom wall.

Isn't it amazing? If you are in Manila, please make time to visit this guy. He is really, really good and the art you will be buying, can be kept for a lifetime. And no, this is not a paid ad. I just really love his work.

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