Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kit to my Kat

Some people call me Kat. His friends call him Kit. Together, we'd be KitKat ... like the chocolate bar. Always together, even on breaks. NOT. Haha.

Kit is a new found friend. Very new, barely a week old. In the short span of time, he has become the Kit to my Kat, the Edward to my Bella and someone most likely to steal my "ha kao" and fried chicken should we eat together. Yep ... two peas in a pod it would seem.

We went out once. When he said to me he had a beaten up old car, I didn't really believed him. I have had my fair share of guys who say they have an old car then comes in with a Camry. Trust me, it does not impress. When he picked me up, I saw that yes, it was a beaten up old car BUT it was also charming. I don't know why. The sheer simplicity of the car, without the accessories that guys are so fond of and his love for this old car reminds me of Archie and his red wagon in the comic series Archie. It was simply, charming.

The car windows were down since AC was broken and this would have gotten to me but it didn't. Maybe because it was windy and chilly or maybe because we just kept talking the whole time. I love it. Seriously. I just have too many thoughts in my head and this guy could race at the same speed my thoughts were running.

We have the same love for music and movies and it was refreshing to hear a guy say that he listens to old music and loves movies that have a mindfuck theme to it. It was refreshing. (I was thanking the Lord for the sudden abundance of smart guys coming my way at this point.)

We finally got around to eating at the Seafood restaurant and conversation still flowed. I found it amusing. He took photos of the place and was fiddling with his camera. It was a plus. The only thing that was a minus for me was that he would eat chicken with utensils. I don't know. IMO, chicken is best eaten with your fingers. It's called a finger food for a reason you know. LOL.

When we were inside the car, I had a scary moment which he was not aware of. He was driving and then he turned and took my hand. He pulled it near to his face. In my mind, I got scared. 3 different scenarios took place in my mind.

#1: He was going to kiss my hand and I'd freeze. Not good.
#2: He was going to use my hand to wipe some unseen snot or sweat on his face. Eeewww.
#3: He was going to look at my nails and find some dirt on it. Artists like me have a hard time maintaining clean nails you know. 

I was wrong on all accounts. Good thing. He just wanted to see how my nails were because he was thinking of going to a nail spa and giving me a treat there. Sweet idea. It would be sweeter if it became a reality though. LOL.

End of the day, we met some friends over at The Fort and had desserts. Overall, this is another positive date (unlike the others) and I look forward to blogging about many more. If not with him, with others. Only requirements I need ... brains that function, has breeding, and is a gentleman but not too much of a gentleman. LOL.

(PS. the title just sounded cute. LOL)

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