Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I arrived at the mall where we were supposed to meet way ahead of time. I actually did it intentionally because I wanted to have some me time. I needed to compose myself and be in control. Previous day rattled my calm state and I did not like it. I felt like I was a puppet being strung along by him and the feeling left a sour taste on my mouth.

So there I was and he sends a text message ... "sorry I'm running late." I replied and told him that I had an inkling he would be and that it was okay. It was, okay. I informed him that he most likely knows where I was and he guessed correctly. After, I told him that there were 3 branches of the same merchant and that since he was late, we'll play a game of hide and seek. I figured, if he was as smart as he presented himself to be, he should be able to find me asap.

I proceeded to text him "happy hunting Sebastian" and he replies " cruel intentions?" I say I was charmed and he replies "the witches?" It was charming indeed.

When he got to where I was, he sits beside me and starts talking. We talked for 5.5 hours. The original plan was to leave by 4pm but 6 pm came and went and we were still there. It was only the thought of my 4am shift that stopped me from staying even longer.

The second date with Kit clarified a few things but raised even more questions than there originally was. Now, as to whether or not those questions floating in my mind would ever be answered will be another blog entry.

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