Friday, December 24, 2010

chocolate fire ...

Today, I had a quick lunch with a friend at Chocolate Fire in Valero, Makati. I've been seeing this place for quite some time now but has never been inside it. Boy, was I amazed at the inside of this cafe resto.

The picture above shows the front of the place.

This is what I had. I asked them what their best sellers are and I was informed that it was their pesto pasta, hot chocolate, and ... get ready for this, SPICY DARK CHOCOLATE.

The hot mocha was just an ordinary  hot chocolate which was a major downfall for me. I was expecting much more since their store is really about chocolates. It wasn't all that.

The pesto pasta delivered in the sense that it was good because it was pesto pasta. Another downfall. Maybe I am expecting too much?

Now this one ... the DARK SPICY CHOCOLATE BAR ... this one blew my mind. The chocolate bar melts in your mouth and takes over. It makes you feel comfortable, like you are in a safe place. It reminds you of home and lets you feel languid and lazy. Then boom! The mild spice hits you but it's not that bad a zing. It's a mild zap to awaken the senses but not spicy enough to make you grab a glass of water. It was GREAT!

I wouldn't go back to Chocolate Fire for their food but I would surely go back there for their chocolates. I want to try all of them ... I think it would make for a great blog entry as well as a really wonderful experience.

Thanks Earl for this really great opportunity.

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