Thursday, December 9, 2010

don henricos

My family and I used to eat a lot at Don Henrico's. We would always swing by when we get a chance and bond there. We would order the mozarella sticks, buffalo wings, and pasta. Rarely do we get pizza because the time the pizza would come, we'd be so full already. The last time I ate at Don Henricos was years ago so it was such a pleasant surprise when someone asked me to eat there today.

I, of course, immediately said yes. LOL.

These are the petite mozarella sticks. I am so happy that they still made it the exact same way they made it before. If it wasn't for the fact that these little monsters were so heavy on the tummy, I would have eaten all 6 by myself. The crispiness of the batter and the cheesy mozarella are so perfect. Crisp and soft. Who would have thought it was possible?

This is Chicken Pesto. I was supposed to get just Pesto but I ordered the wrong pasta. Still, it was good though I really didn't care much for the tomato they included but the button mushrooms were oh so good.

The Don Henricos Supreme Pizza was indeed supreme. It had all the toppings you'd want in a pizza and it wasn't thick nor thin crusted. It was just right.

And the best part ... the buffalo wings / thighs / or whatever chicken part. It was just SO GOOD. The tangy sauce, the crispy skin, the chewy chicken parts that leave this really sweet aftertaste ... I am in buffalo wings heaven.

Needless to say, I was FULL!. Burp!

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