Saturday, December 11, 2010

my brain date

I call him my brain date. It's a compliment. Trust me. It is.

I've been going out on several dates the past few months and though there were some hits in between, nothing really blew me away. In short, I was amazed from time to time ... charmed even ... but I was never dazzled. It seems that it took more than a car, good resto, and manners to dazzle me. I needed brains. I needed conversation. I needed sense. I needed laughter.

In short, I needed someone who would spar with me intellectually but at the same time, laugh at my crazy dumbass jokes, and make me think at the same time. If I get stumped, that's a 1UP!

So I met him and to be honest, I wasn't really expecting anything out of the first date. It was coffee which was quite generic and nothing impressive. Add to it the fact that he was late for almost 30 minutes and it wasn't a good start. I did give him plus points for wanting to pick me up at home so it evened out the tardiness.

We had coffee and we talked ... and talked ... and talked. I loved it! Finally! A man with brains who actually knew how to make the thought process work and could form coherent sentences and do a volley to turn things into a conversation and not a monologue. Hallelujah sweet baby Jesus!

I didn't realize that I was missing this kind of connection until it was actually materializing in front of me. It was bliss.

We went off to date number two and same thing happened. I was amazed. He had manners, he picked me up, took me home on time, and he even paid the bill. A miracle! LOL ...

Date number 3 happened and I was simply just going with the flow. I like that it was just what it was ... a date ... two people hanging out and talking ... having fun ... and nothing more. I like that I could pick his brains and he'd still be alive and able to function unlike the others where they just dropped dead. I tell you, it is hard to dispose of senseless corpses.

So no, this is not going to be a beating of my date .. unlike the others ... it seems, for the first time in a long time ... my brains are dazzled. As for me, it will take WAY MORE to dazzle me. For now, I am happy that my brains are dazzled. So please, dazzle my brains more.

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