Saturday, December 18, 2010

muggers and tumblers

Today was a beautiful day. I spent time with my son in the morning and in the afternoon, I met up with my group, SB Tumbleristas and SB Muggers. We are a group of people who are passionate about collecting citymugs and tumblers all over the world. We trade, we buy and sell, and we share stories and experiences related to our collection. Today, we finally met in real life.

Here are the photos from the wonderful afternoon that we had.

my loot

the place where we met

the first three ... early birds who got the worm LOL

I got Switzerland from him ... yey!

one of the boys ... as always

uber happy mugger

the group ... tumblers and muggers!

a planner for a mug

the ladies
And so it was truly a great afternoon filled with lots of stories about how we got by our mugs and tumblers. Till the next time!

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