Tuesday, December 28, 2010

and there was once a guy named JT

I met JT back in November of this year. It was through a dinner hosted by a guy I dated way back (lets call him GM.) The funny thing about this entire dinner was that it was supposed to have been a dinner date with GM that evolved into a group dinner because of circumstances. And so as fate would have it, I met JT.

JT and I did not hit it off that night. I didn't even like him physically. He was too lean and he had long hair. I like my men clean cut and a bit on the chubby side. Jt was neither but what did pique my interest was that he had insights on things. He had an opinion and when he talked, he talked not just with his mouth ... he talked with his eyes and hands. He moves a lot and ends up engaging you in the conversation. Still, I did not think anything of it until it was time to bid our good night.

We were at the parking lot of the place and everyone was saying their goodbyes. It was a great dinner and everyone was in good spirits. When it was his turn to tell us goodbye, he went near me and kissed me on the cheeks much to my surprise. However, he did not kiss the othe ladies in the group.

It made me go "hmmm" inside my head. Interesting.

I texted him that night. I was able to get his number from the calling card he gave away. In all honesty, I wanted to see if he was interested in me. I did text the others just in case. I didn't want to look THAT obvious. LOL. He doesn't know this though.

The next day, we started exchanging text messages. I found him funny, intriguing, and very interesting. He was smart, sassy, and witty. He was also persistent.

He asked me if we could hang out and have coffee. I told him I couldn't. He suggested the next day and the day after. I finally agreed. I was thinking to myself that if he could keep coming up with more days and options, then he must be really interested. Or he was that bored. LOL.

We had coffee ... and we talked. It was a conversation, not a monologue. It was enchanting. He took me home after and we agreed to have dinner the next week. It seemed that things were working pretty well for us. He would text or I would and we'd just exchange ideas. If I see something that I think he would like, I'd text him or post on his wall and he would do the same to me. What I like best about him is that if he was busy, he would tell me that he'd catch me at a later time. He lets me know. I appreciated that so much.

2nd week - We had dinner at Resorts World. It was a first for both of us to go there and it was different. I've never been on a date where we toured the entire casino. It was just really nice. What made it interesting was that the night ended with dim lights, wine, and really good conversation. I can say that for this date, I was wined and dined.

3rd week and we decided to just hang out which is exactly what we did. I intoduced him to the film "Death Note" and I'd like to think he was interested in it though a month has passed and he still hasn't finished it.

4th week and it saw us dancing and singing to the tune of RENT. We watched it at Rockwell. In reality, I think I asked him out this time but ever the gentleman, he picked me up, paid for the tickets, and took me home. We both enjoyed the play so much that weeks later, we find ourselves discussing the performances and we even made plans to watch it again in 2011.

The last and 5th week of JT in my life (for now it would seem) happened at Starbucks LP. We met up because I ordered some chocolates from him. By this time, he's become too busy that we rarely text. I thought he was no longer interested in me. (I'm like that. You don't text, I'd start weeding you away in my life or putting you in the friend basket.) So we met and it was just endearing because it was like old times. We hanged out and he was trying to get a comfortable position on the couch and ended up leaning beside me.

He took me home and I ended up in the backseat (not because of that you perv) but because his laundry basket was in front. I kept teasing him and calling him driver. We parted with the agreement that he'd still be a constant date. Unfortunately, my knight in shining armor was injured even before the event needing him to use his shield happened. And so, here is where the story of JT ends, or takes a pause.

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