in 2013 ....

  1. I will join the 50 Book Project and accomplish it. 
  2. I will participate in the 365 Photo Project. 
  3. I will finish 2 cross stitches and have the rest framed. 
  4. I will finish all my scrapbooks and sort my photos. What I cannot scrapbook, I will put in an album. 
  5. I will launch my arts and crafts line with a kooky name. 
  6. I will blog more about plays, arts and crafts, and Mommy pointers. 
  7. I will lose at least 20lbs and become healthier. 
  8. I will fix myself up and take care of me. 
  9. I will put aside at least 5% of my income weekly. 
  10. I will travel. 
  11. I will be a BETTER me ... which means better daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, and partner. 
  12. I will help my Mom, Uncle, and brother expand their food business by marketing it more aggressively. 
  13. I will write more, sharpen my photography skills, and hone my creativity. 
  14. I will make all these happen. 
Onward and upwards 2013! Bring it on! Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year, Yeah! Make it happen sis!

  2. Happy new year! May all your goals be realized and may God bless you always :)