Saturday, December 14, 2019

2 Years of #MARKadoniKAT

Two years and one month ago, I met The Photographer.

In the last two years, we've had a lot of ups and downs though thankfully, it was mostly up. We had our first official date, surprise dates, sundates, and M had his cheesy moments. We also celebrated our first year together which was celebrated in the most not ideal way possible.

This second year, we finally had a better anniversary.

We had a small staycation at Savoy Hotel where we had our maternity shoot as well. Out of 200+ shots, we had 4 great ones. Sigh.

They gave us this cake and it was the sweetest.

I treated him to pizza ordered via room service. The price was not unreasonable too. Php515 with tax and all charges.

He treated me to authentic Chinese food.

We walked around a bit, watched a couple of CSI and managed to just spent time together which we needed because he has been away covering the SEA Games for almost two weeks. M also took some really pretty photos of me.

Trust me that this is an achievement because he normally takes really bad photos of me.

As with any relationship, it is not always pretty but what matters is that you work things out together. Our celebration last year was a disaster but this year, it's finally the way it should be.

Happy 2nd year M.

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