Thursday, December 12, 2019

Monga, taste of Taiwan

I was supposed to be part of the opening of Monga but because of my pregnancy, I wasn't able to attend the opening. Thankfully, there was a chance to drop by so I immediately grabbed it.

I had the Cheese-Z chicken and 3pcs chicken wings in salt and pepper. I was curious about the cheesy chicken but also wanted to try out the regular chicken they made to gauge if it was really authentic Taiwan chicken.

The salt and pepper chicken was SO GOOD. I could definitely eat at least half a dozen and pair it with rice. I'd probably add more because it was just sooooo good!

The cheesy chicken on the other hand is to M's liking. He would devour this in an instant and order one more to satisfy his appetite. It's pretty big so for the regular Pinoy, one serving might feel a bit overwhelming. You have been warned.

I also tried their Brown Sugar with Bobba Milk Tea. This was pretty decent though not as good as that of Tiger Sugar.

I'm really glad that I gave Monga a try. It was definitely not a let down and I have been hearing so many good reviews. I'm excited to come back for more and try the other dishes. If I base it on the food that I had today, I know that my tummy will be filled with more delicious dishes.

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