Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 Recap: Year of Surprises

To say that 2019 was the year of surprises would be an understatement.

This year, I got pregnant, became legally free, moved to a new house with someone, and put up a small business. Whew. WHAT A YEAR!

I also took a step back from blogging, lost two major gigs, was published in two print magazines, and uploaded over 10 videos on my YouTube channel and found my niche in vlogging.

I was also one of the speakers for the first-ever Philippine Social Media Week and it was definitely a huge honor.

I also bought a second-hand car for my Mom and finally paid it off in full after a year. It's nothing major but it does feel nice to actually see something that I bought with my own hard-earned money. Next on my list will be a lot where we can build our home and an educational plan for MK.

This year, I also got my first insurance! I'm officially an adult!

My son is also in his 2nd year of high school. When I look back on how I was able to provide for his schooling, I find myself in awe. How did I manage to send him to a pretty good school on such meager income? I've never asked for anyone's help in paying for his tuition and schooling but I managed to send him to school for the last 9 years. I'm really proud of that fact.

Overall, 2019 wasn't a bad year for me. There were hiccups but nothing major thank God. M and I have been together for two years now and though it hasn't been all roses, it's been getting better and better.

I was also able to do my no-buy year. It was my birth month that did me in though coz I got the Fenty Lip Gloss Set eventhough I did not need it. Next year, I'll try to make it a less buy for the year. With a baby coming in, I think it's going to be a true challenge to have a no buy year so I'll focus on less buy.

I'd still consider my no-buy year a success because the only shoes I bough this year was for my pregnancy. I didn't buy skin care and I only bought one set of cosmetics that I did not need but just really wanted.

Yes, I'm still struggling financially but I'm in a better headspace now. I finally got my spending pattern and identified areas where I could save more. The last two years have proven to be good exercises for me in identifying how to manage my income and how to curb my spending.

And for 2020, here's something that I plan to follow with all my heart.

How was your 2019? 

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  1. Wow.. Congratulations mommy... Andami achievements ng 2019.. More pa po by 2020.. Me also nakapag apply na din po ako ng insurance.. Weeww.. I'm on my 5 months sa pagbabayad.. Praying na kaya ko po ito... God bless us!!

  2. Para po sa akin ngayon taon ay napaka challenging dahil ang daming dumating na mga problema. Every month kasi may mga nagkakasakit sa mga anak ko at dumadaan talaga sa point na nauubusan kami ng budget. Pero thankful padin po dahil nakasurvive na man po kami at mga anak ko sa mga problema na dumating. At may mga surprises blessing din po. Iba talaga si god basta lahi lang magtiwala malalagpasan lahat.

  3. Glad to hear na nalagpasan nyo lahat ng nangyari. Hopefully maging okay lahat this 2020 and here's to a healthier life. Kaya natin to.


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