Friday, December 27, 2019

Vision Board 2020

Last year, this was what was on my vision board.

Sadly, I wasn't able to achieve much of what was on my vision board. Perhaps it's because I didn't really put my vision board somewhere where I could see it daily so for this 2020, I'm going to make sure that it will be something I see daily.

So for 2020, here is my Vision Board.

1. My main thing for 2020 is to give birth to MK safely into this world via normal delivery. This is priority one and I have been going around the village to walk more and making sure that I don't eat so much rice. I'm also going to be doing some of the exercises recommended to help have a normal delivery.

2. Second, to choose to be kind. It may sound weird but being kind really is hard, this I admit. It's easy to pass judgment and to just get mad. However, I realized that the more you choose to be kind and attempt to understand where people or things are coming from, the easier life gets. When you choose to be kind, you end up attracting all kinds of positive energy into your life and this is something that I really want to have more of.

3. This one is ambitious. I have 1270 subscribers as of the moment on my YouTube Channel but I would like to aim for 100k by the end of the year. After 2 years of thinking and pondering, I feel like I now know what I want to vlog about and how to go about things.

I have procrastinated enough and it's time to really sit down and do this. There have been so many things that I wanted to share with the world and so it's time to do it from my little corner and as with my blog, if it touches one life, then that video would be worth it.


4. I'm also hoping that this year, M and I would be able to make a downpayment on a lot where we will build our dream home. It's nothing big, just something right for us.

5. This year was a bit of a struggle financially but 2020, with M and I working together, we'll be able to achieve things. We have to for both B and MK.

6. Finally, this is one thing that I need to take seriously especially with MK coming into our lives. I need to be healthier to make sure that I am able to provide for a better future for him and of course, B. M and I need to do better. We have to.

What's on your vision board?

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  1. Sa akin moms ang Vision biard ko sa 2020 makahanap ng trabaho at makaipon para mapaayos na nmin yung bahay na min ngayon taon. Sana talaga in god will maachieve talaga na min magasawa ang makaipon ang hirap po kasi pag walang savings. Tuwala lang tayo lagi moms. Lahat ng gusto natin makamtam this year makakamit natin yan.

    1. Ipagpray natin ang trabaho na yan! Kayang kaya yan!

  2. I love vision boards. Though it's been years since I last made one. Like you, I want to grow my Youtube channel and be a little kinder to others and myself. And of course, saving money. I remember having a bucket list before and it's amazing how a lot of the things there have already come true.

    1. I'm on my 4th year of vision boards. So far, nagagawa naman most of the time. Kaya natin to! Let's grow this 2020.

  3. Good luck po mommy... I will pray for your normal delivery... And for having a house and lot, is one of my biggest dream.. Alam ko Di ko magawa in just one year.. But hopefully ma umpisahan ko na mag ipon ng pera.. Yung po talaga ang kailangan gawin at more sipag.. May god bless us abundantly this 2020...

    1. Unti unti, kakayanin natin matupad mga pangarap natin!

  4. Good luck sis! Mine would have peace,health and wealth! Hehe;) more clients for RYPR!;)

    1. Gusto ko lahat yan sis. Peace, health, and wealth! Let's claim it!


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