Thursday, December 12, 2019

Panda Express Orange Chicken, hype or not?

Finally, Panda Express is here. I've heard the hype, read all the great reviews, and followed the stories on Instagram, Facebook, and whatnot. Panda Express is great! Panda Express is all about the orange chicken. The Orange Chicken is the best!

Now that it's here, the question on everyone's mind is: IS IT REALLY WORTH FALLING IN LINE FOR?

I was able to try the Orange Chicken.

It comes in a small box packaging when you take it out. Think RICE IN A BOX.

This is the inside of the box. The rice reaches only half the box but it's stuffed well. The orange chicken was crunchy and it did taste good.

Verdict: The Orange Chicken is good BUT it's not "omigod this is so good I could eat this for days" or "I need to go all the way to the North from the South for this!"

For me, the hype is strong. It's not something I would regret eating but it's also not something that I would fall in line for three hours for. Again, this is just me. No hate on anyone who loves it.

Panda Express is now open to the public and is located at the UG Building A of SM Megamall.


  1. I got to taste Panda Express' Orange chicken when I was in the States. I'd consider it comfort food, the kind you need when you wake up in the middle of the night and craving for something with rice. I'd love to try it when they're in SM North. Yes, I probably won't be lining up for houra forit so I'll wait 'til the hype goes down


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