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Antonio Uno

Located at the Expansion Wing of Festival Mall facing Asian Hospital is a pizza place called Antonio Uno that boasts of the best Salmon and Cavia pizza as well as the best scallop pizza. I kid you not.

The salmon is not small. You can literally see the slice and smell how fresh it is. When you take a bite, there's none of that fishy smell. Make sure you combine the caviar and salmon to really maximize the experience and taste of this pizza. It will be quite an experience.

The scallop pizza is definitely one of the best of it's kind that I have tried. The scallops are fresh and juicy. When you bite into it, you can really taste the sea. It's that fresh!

Another must try is the Bagoong Pasta. I know that it's weird to have bagoong pasta in an Italian restaurant but upon trying this, I had no complaints. Think pinakbet turned into pasta, this is exactly what you will get.

Antonio Uno may be new but if they can produce more kind of these dishes, they will definitely be here to stay.