Monday, January 15, 2018

Mark and his Cheesiness

One thing that people do not know about my guy is that he loves cheese and being cheesy. Thankfully, I love him and so I appreciate the cheesiness and I support the cheese lover in him. Case in point: we have only been together for a month but I have already received 3 bouquets of flowers from him.

The first one was purely gerberas and stargazers. It was a thank you for not freaking out when his car stalled on the road.

The second one was an I'm sorry because he picked a fight with me. It came with my favorite chocolates too.

The last one was a gift for our first month together. It came with coffee because he was at my house by 9am which was a tad too early for someone who is not a morning person.

In return, I make sure to provide him with his favorite food, cheese. Thankfully, he loves Danes Cheese Ball. In fact, I am so amazed that he managed to finish one all by himself. I can't even imagine it.

He puts this in his sandwich, on his pasta, and even munches on it by itself when he watches NBA or UFC. It's a little insane but he's a cheese lover and Danes apparently satisfies his cravings. He even drizzles this on certain viands. Crazy!

So there you go, that's the story of Mark and his cheesiness and cheese balls. To more stories in the future ...

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