Tuesday, December 3, 2019

November 2019 + Blogging Full Time and New Paths

November started off with a crazy note. My regular gig was stopped without warning and I found myself with no regular job all of a sudden. My head started spinning and paranoia set in. However, I knew that there was no room for worry and I set forth to make things happen.

I went back to blogging full time and was so happy that I was welcomed back with open arms. I even ended up winning a smartwatch from Garmin and an aircon from LG. I was definitely off to a good start. I also ended up winning an overnight stay at Savoy which I'm really excited to avail soon.

November was also the end of my 2nd Trimester. I am currently on my 31st week now and the baby is dancing all the time. I feel it's presence and it's been pretty crazy to just have your insides move all of a sudden without any warning.

I've started receiving blogger mail as well which is always a feel-good thing on my end. I love receiving blogger mail and I truly feel thankful when I get awesome ones such as the Jolly Mushroom package.

I've also started my planner review last month which started in October. For November, I did Bo's Coffee, Coffee Project, and Mercury Drug. I never knew that a lot of people actually love watching and reading reviews.

I've also partnered with someone to start a small PR and Digital Marketing Agency. I'm really excited about this because it's a path that I never thought I would walk on but here we are.

We don't have a client yet but soon, I know that we will be able to acquire the right ones. With God's grace, I know that we will succeed.

I've also started uploading on my YT channel and it's been doing really well. I hope you can also like and subscribe.

November started with a door closing on me but ended with a lot of windows opening. I'm hoping that for December, the windows that opened will welcome new clients and more opportunities.

How has the rest of your year been?

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  1. While I've been blogging for almost 5 years now, I can't say I've done it full time. But I'm happy because it's led me to freelance writing. I currently work part time for an established baby names website based in Singapore and it's been wonderful. By the way, I also started my YT channel Mommy N' More TV and subscribed to your channel too. Cheers to more opportunities in the coming year!


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