Monday, December 2, 2019

Gift of Beauty this Christmas

Now that we're done with our suggestions for Healthy Gifts to Give this Christmas, it's time to talk about beauty and skincare. After all, if we're taking care of our insides, we also need to take care of the outside.

We all know that it all starts with great skin so here are some skincare items that I highly recommend.

For whitening because again, to each his own. There are people who feel better about themselves if they have fairer skin and we need to respect that. This blog will always be about respecting even the differences in opinion.

Glutamax has been proven to be effective and is worthy of spending money on. Since Filipinos are not the best earners in the world, it's important that we spend our money on things that work for us.

For those who want to have that tuktuk skin because you envy the Koreans who seem to just glow, this facial wash and face cream from DnB is perfect. It's not sticky on the skin which is perfect for our weather and the facial wash really cleans your face of impurities. This pair is perfect for those who are ready to invest long term on their skin.

For those who may be on a budget but still want to have great looking skin, the 15-in-1 CC cream from ANEW and the Skin so Soft Body Lotion from AVON works wonders as well. True to it's promise, the CC cream helps in hiding small imperfections and the body lotion moisturizes the skin.

For those who have acne problems, The Blemish Rescue Series from Fresh Formula may be the answer to your problem.  Complete from facial wash, toner, and creams, the Blemish Rescue Series is definitely everything you need to defend your skin.

For those who just have maintenance needs, this Natural White cream from Olay should do the job. It comes in morning and night packets with easy to differentiate colors so it shouldn't be a problem even when you're still sleepy in the morning to use the right one.

When you already have great skin, all you'll need is a touch of color and you'll be ready to conquer the world. These lipsticks from AVON, Ever Bilena, and Careline are perfect to set you off for a party.

Finally, you can give these perfumes from AVON as a finishing touch. Light, floral scents are just perfect for date nights, dinner parties, and family gatherings.

Any woman would definitely be happy to receive any of these for Christmas. Which one will you give?

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  1. Thanks for this gift ideas ma'am... Merun na ako idea.. Perfect din naman lahat pang gift yun naka list.. ❤️


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