Friday, August 2, 2019

July Recap + Stepping Back

It's the 7th recap of the year. Time sure flies by.

To see the first half of the year, please click here.

July was pretty uneventful for me. I think it was a necessary respite from all the craziness that June brought in

On the blog side of things, I attended so few events so I'm really thankful for those who took time out to extend an invite and understood when I couldn't make it. Thankfully, I was still able to celebrate 7-11Day where I ended up hoarding Soy Milk, Blue, and other drinks coz they were at 50% off.

Yellow Cab also sent some cool stickers that I was able to exchange for XL slices of pizza! Yes, they have XL slices now up for grabs.

Crimson had the 100 Cookie Project where I got to eat at least 24 cookies out of 100. It was a truly enjoyable feat.

I was also tapped to review a skin care product which I ended up liking.

The biggest blog blessing for the month though would have to be getting invited to cover Aladdin the Musical which was held in Singapore. Since I couldn't fly out, my brothers who live there were the ones who watched it and gave me notes.

I also participated in National Lipstick Day because I love lipsticks and wanted to share with everyone what my top faves were.

On a more personal note, my son is now in 8th grade and I am so happy that his tuition has been paid in full so I won't worry about the rest of the year. He also turned 14.

The first trimester of my pregnancy is almost done now and it has been challenging. I've learned so many things about this pregnancy that I wasn't aware of the first time around.

Thankfully I have M and my entire family helping me navigate things as well as some truly supportive friends.

July was pretty uneventful and looking back, I think I did need that. I needed the quiet, the time to rest and sleep whenever I had to. I needed the quiet.

How was the 7th month of the year for you?

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