Tuesday, May 14, 2019

How to Get People to Stay on Your Site

This has been a question asked of me so many times: how can I get people to stay on my site?

You wrote what you think is an awesome post, did your research, and placed a few cute photos but when you check your bounce rate, it's faster than a Pokemon trying to escape being captured.

So, what can you do?

First you need to know why people immediately leave.  Most of the time, it could be something that annoyed them, found hard to comprehend, or it's just too complicated.

At times, it could be lack of things to read or information to gather. Whatever the reason may be, here are 5 tips that you can do to help you get people to stay on your site for a longer time.

1. Teens can READ 

You need to make sure that you site can be read by a teenager. When people go to a website or blog that has hard to understand words, most of the time, it's a turn off. They want to get their information the fastest way possible so you need to make sure that you information is bite sized and easy to digest.

You can check how your site is when it comes to readability here.

For my site, here are the results.

2. No to POP UPS, Yes to CTA

Pops Ups are the bane of websites. Nothing can turn off people faster than a site that has a lot of pop ups or one that has small ones but you need to click so many of them close before you can even read one sentence. I personally just exit the site because I can't be bothered.

Use a CTA or CALL TO ACTION instead. When people are able to see your CTA  immediately (think 3 seconds) there's a bigger chance that they will do what you asked. Do you want partnerships? Collabs? Comments?

Tell people what you want. Ask for it. People won't know unless you tell them.

3. Fresh Content 

Content is still king. People go back to websites or blogs that have new content every single day. Now if you can't do daily, give your readers a schedule so they know when to expect something new.

When you put in new and fresh content, Google ranks your site better. When you create original articles, Google crawls your site and puts you in the forefront. When Google crawls and sees that your site has nothing but press releases that other sites have, it will penalize your site and people will not be able to see it regardless how much you syndicate your site.

Those who do, will simply leave because your content can be found somewhere else. Give your readers something to read. Give them something to relate to you. Give them something to feel like they are getting something unique.

4. Interlinking 

If you've read up to here, you would have noticed that there has been two links placed in this article and those are all previous articles that I have written on this site. This is what interlinking is all about.

You link back a previous post you made to the most recent one that you are doing. You just need to make sure that they are relevant and related. For example, here are 8 Blogging Tips that you use to help you Last a Decade which also helps you retain readers.

See what I did there?

5. Right Keywords

There are two types of keywords. Commercial and Informational. Regardless of what you are writing about, it will always fall under the two categories.

If you are posting to create awareness, then that will be informational and if you are posting to create the need to buy or desire to acquire, then that falls under commercial.

Look things up at the Google Adwords Key Planner to see if your niche is something that people read about or has a small but strong following. When you use the keyword planner, you get to improve traffic, increase engagement, and increase domain authority as well.

When you pile together all these tips, you can definitely increase the time that people spend on your site. After all, when content is interesting, when things are easy to spot, and when the person behind the scenes engage and and make sure that things are in place, people have more reason to stay.

Full video below.


  1. There are great ideas and tips to impart. I also end up clicking out of sites that have lots of pop-ups. It is tiresome and not worth it to me. I will keep these tips in mind for my own site.

    1. I don't think anyone stays when there's too much pop ups.

  2. Amazing tips! Website that have too many pop-ups always turn my mood off thus I have no option but leave that site asap.

    1. It feels like a security risk when there's too many.

  3. Great tips! I'll make sure to follow them and hope my website could have more improvements.

  4. ALSO:
    Be real
    Be relevant
    Be passionate

  5. I will never ever have pop ups! I leave a site the moment one bugs me so that is a no no for me!

  6. Love the ideas you have posted here, it is super important to get people to stay on your site for longer. High bounce rate sucks.

  7. These are great ideas, I like the no-pop ups! I don't use them on my site.

  8. Great tips. You are right about pop-ups, they are a real turn-off.

  9. Couldn't agree more. I absolutely hate pop ups especially when I am browsing through my phone and a site has more than one or even a repetitive "sigh up" popup every time the page loads.

  10. Nice reading your tips. It would be extremely useful for those who are starting up on blogging.

  11. I really need to try out the keyword planner. I am pretty bad at that, but I know it would be helpful. And definitely no to popups. They are a pain in the butt. No one likes them.

    1. We're the same. The keyboard planner is the one thing that I never learned how to figure out haha.


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