Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kedai Killiney Kopi in Changi Airport Terminal 2

One of the things that frustrate me about airport food is that it is normally overpriced and bland. Apparently, this was not the case for Changi Airport Terminal 2. M and I chanced upon Kedai Killiney Kopi where the price was just the same as the ones you see in the food court.

I had the fish ball noodle because the fish ball in Singapore is really delicious. It's legitimate fish ball and not ball made of flour which tastes really horrible. This fish ball noodle was really good. I could definitely eat at least 10 of the fish balls and not get tired of it. Sigh.

This one is  Curry Chicken Rice though it tasted more like adobo to me. I don't know why but it just did.

This is what we had as our last meal in Singapore. I'd say not bad right? Teh Tarik was definitely part of it.

M and I.

Really happy with how our trip to Singapore went and how it ended. I loved the place, the food, and the efficiency of the people.

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