Wednesday, November 7, 2018

1st time to fly on Singapore Airlines

Although I have not traveled as extensively as other bloggers, I have had my fair share of it. However, I have always traveled on Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines. I have never traveled on Singapore Airlines so when I found out that we were going to Singapore on SQ, I was quite excited.

The fact that M was also going to be with me made this trip more exciting.

So we were finally at the boarding gate and I saw the Singapore Airline aircraft. I gotta tell you, it is MASSIVE compared to our local ones.

Inside, it is also a little bit more spacious. A little bit, not a lot.

The individual monitor, headset, and pillow though were WAY BETTER. CebPac, AirAsia, and PAL couldn't compete with this at all.

The added headrest was also a definite plus.

Now let's talk about the food. The food was just amazing for airplane food. I am amazed that we did not use plastic utensils but real ones. The chicken was also really good and the shrimp pasta was okay.

They also have ice cream! All of it is free! When I say free, it's already part of the ticket. You get unli drinks as well so drown yourself in juice, wine, beer, coffee, water, and whatever is available.

It was such a lovely experience and being with M made it even better.

I feel like I just need to keep levelling up plane rides from now on. SQ for now is the best.

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