Sunday, November 11, 2018

Food Republic in Singapore

On our first night back in Singapore, I had the chance to try one of the most massive food courts I have ever seen in my life. I kid you not. This place had over 20 stalls inside and they're not small stalls. It's actually like 20 large kiosks, all of them offering dishes that just want to make you eat and eat and eat and eat.

Welcome to the FOOD REPUBLIC.

The place is huge. It can easily sit 300 people I kid you not.

Didn't I tell you it makes you eat and eat and eat and eat? Some of the food we had was Kuay Teow which I super loved, chicken katsu curry which was also soooo good, salted chicken which M had and it was also really good, and Indonesian chicken which was surprisingly good.


YAH FU MINI WOK ZHI CHAR Salted Egg Chicken Rice 

Riverside Indonesian BBQ

WASHOKU GOEN Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - $6.9
Everything was just really good. I don't know why.

This Hainanese Chicken was life-changing. You see, the first time I tried Hainanese Chicken was here in Manila and I HATED IT. I've always taken a dislike for it because it's so plain, dull, and boring. When my brother ordered this in Singapore, I was really hesitant.

I had to try it though coz my brothers bought it with their hard earned money and so I took a bite. I am so glad I did because this Hainanese Chicken is not like the ones sold in Manila. This was REALLY AWESOME Hainanese chicken and it's sold in a food court. A FOOD COURT!!!

These dumplings were also just as good as the ones you can buy here in restaurants.

Afterward, we walked around. This was another thing I loved about Singapore. You can just keep walking around even at night because it is safe and the place is really fit for walking with all the even streets as well as the covered walkways.

930pm AT NIGHT

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