Sunday, November 4, 2018

Izakaya Sensu

If the thought of sushi rolls and Agedashi Tofu makes your heart skip a beat the way mine does, Izakaya Sensu is a must visit. Located in the heart of BGC, Izakaya Sensu is very easy to spot since it's right where Netpark is.

Cozy ambiance fit for families, friends, and even couples on a date, Izakaya Sensu gives you a little bit of Tokyo without trying so hard. I loved that because it makes you feel like you're in another country but it's not overbearing.

Since we were a hungry bunch, we ordered quite a few things.

I started with the Agadashi Tofu and thought that I would be able to eat this dish by myself because M, K, and B weren't tofu fans. However, they wanted a taste and actually liked it. I ended up eating half of one piece. This is what happens when you order tasty dishes.

The Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This plate was lacking. I think if we ordered 3 it would still be lacking because we just loved it.

The Sensu Roll was also another favorite of ours. The ones with Mango on Top and shrimp inside was just divine. The other roll was a little spicy but it balanced the sweetness of the mango so make sure to eat one right after the other.

The California Roll was as good as it gets. Filling and with a lot of bonito flakes on top, it just makes you want to eat the entire thing. I don't know if it's just me but when there are bonito flakes on top of a dish, I end up eating more and more.

We also ordered two Yakimeshi coz we love our rice and we ordered the pork belly, chicken teriyaki, and beef.

We loved everything though the beef was a bit raw for our taste. Then again, we're more of medium well people so anything with blood on it makes us cringe.

Definitely had fun eating at Izakaya Sensu. I'm glad that we now have a go-to Japanese spot in BGC. I can honestly say that it is money well spent.

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