Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Flavor your Fun with Conagra Brands

Have you ever thought of a certain brand and it just made you smile? This has happened to me so many times but when I first heard of Conagra, I came up with nothing. I realized that I wasn't familiar with the name of the brand but when I received a package of what they had, I realized that I actually knew of them, I just didn't know directly that it was them. 

My brothers love Vienna Sausage, my Mom and I loves Peter Pan Creamy peanut butter spread, and M super loves Libby McNeil Corned Beef. B, on the other hand, loves the Chocolate Pudding from Snack Pack. 

For baking needs, these are some of our go-to products. The Blue Bonnet margarine just adds a bit more oomph in the pastries we produce. 

Discover delectable ways to get creative and make memories with Conagra Brands’ roster of quality products the whole family is sure to love. One of North America's leading packaged food companies with beloved brands including Hunt’s tomato products, Libby’s Vienna sausage and corned beef, PAM cooking spray, Peter Pan peanut butter, Act II popcorn, Snack Pack pudding and gels, Reddi Wip whipped cream and Blue Bonnet margarine, Conagra Brands lets you #FlavorYourFun with ease and share it with the people you love whenever you’re together.

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