Friday, November 2, 2018

Family Mart Glorietta 3 Reopens

Sometimes, you get so used to having a neighborhood convenience store that is available to you 24/7 you actually feel crippled when it closes. This is what a lot of people felt when Family Mart closed for renovations it's store located in Glorietta 3. It's been open since 2013 so when they closed to renovate, it felt like you lost a friend that you can rely on.

Good news though because they have finally reopened and they have a new and upgraded look!

The new Family Mart in Glorietta is bigger, better, and fresher. They now offer more options when it comes to their sandwiches, brownies, and drinks.

They also have the Sansrival and Kesong Puti Sundae which is a must try!

From their menu, packaging, store design, to the look and service of the Family Mart crew, you can discover and enjoy an all-new and improved customer service experience from Family Mart as it takes comfort and convenience to another level in their Glorietta Store.

Some of the food that I look forward to the most when I drop by Family Mart is their Fami Chicky, a fried chicken fillet that is thick and crispy, best paired with rice. I also plan on trying their Hotdawgs really soon which comes in 6 different flavors.

It felt nice to be with the Family Mart Clark Pampanga group. Congratulations Family Mart in your reopening. We're sure the Glorietta neighborhood missed you.

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