Monday, November 5, 2018

Hong Kong Family Vacation

February 2017 was when our family had our first international trip. I promised myself back then that I would do my best to immerse myself in the moment. Though I took a lot of photos, I wasn't too immersed on social media and posted only a few things.

I realized now that I actually have not blogged about it so here you go. This is more of a snippet since I want to do separate posts for the highlight of the trip so Disneyland and Ocean Park would be on another post.


Hong Kong food is just really amazing. AMAZING. Filling, cheap, no-nonsense. They won't even bother with plating and you really wouldn't care coz it's sooooo good.

They also have really interesting egg tarts and if you're not careful like me, you could end up spending 100HKD on egg tarts alone. No regrets though. It was worth it.

Their milk tea is also a different breed. Trust me when I say this for I have reviewed over 50 milk tea places in Manila since 2012 and the milk tea in Hong Kong is just different.



Tsim Sa Tsui aka TST is a shopping heaven. So many choices, so little money.

Going to another country is one boat ride away.

Moments with family at Macao and Wynn Palace.

Instagrammable lobby leading to the bathroom.

This was also when we had the most expensive dinner of our lives. I felt so happy being able to treat them to Cafe Fontana at Wynn Palace. It may have been crazy expensive but the smiles on their faces and the happiness was more than worth every single peso.

Shoe Shopping! When you can purchase sneakers for 1/4 of the price, it's definitely a steal. I used to not wear sneakers but since I discovered the cheap prices in Hong Kong and Singapore, I am now turning into a sneakerhead.


I remember we had to wake up early to get in here without lines but even at 6am, there was a small line already. I remember being excited because it seems that people really line up for this place only to feel eehhhhh when I saw the food.

I am not hating on macaroni and ham as well as bread and eggs but I didn't understand what the fuss was. I tasted it and it was delicious but nothing I'd line up for.

I was still happy though because I was with my family. If you notice, our Mom is not with us because we let her sleep an hour more.


Our Mom was very happy and so we were very happy.

Overall, this was definitely an epic first trip and now, we're going to plan our Taiwan family trip. Tips anyone?

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  1. Hong Kong is on my ‘to see’ list. This milk tea looks delicious!

  2. Hong Kong looks like such an interesting place. I haven't traveled internationally yet with my boys but can't wait to take them on vacations all over the world. I'd love to see what Disney looked like there since I have been to the one in Florida many times (I grew up in south Florida).

  3. It looks like such an amazing time!

  4. Hong Kong is one of the nice place to visit, it's really beautiful and the food is really delicious.

  5. I can't wait to go to Hong Kong, I've never been to this beautiful city, soon i hope!

  6. Shopping is fun, but you can't do it without spending money

  7. I would love to visit Hong Kong on of these days as there is so much culture, food, and things to do! It is just wonderful!


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