Monday, November 19, 2018

Hanayo Grill in BFRV, Las Pinas

A new Korean restaurant recently opened inside BF Resort. It looked interesting enough so my friend and I went and tried it. Here's my review and opinion as to whether or not you should try the place.

This set meal sells for Php500 (limited, only the side dish is refillable) and Php650 (unlimited but per head.) If they stick to this setup, then yes, I will recommend the place. However, if they change their mind and make the Php500 set up per head as well, then that does not make sense and you are better off eating somewhere else.

It's like buying a set meal in Jollibee but being told you can't share your food with your friend, that you need to buy a set meal each when you could just share anyway. After all, it's not unlimited so you need to make do with what is served. This is my pet peeve with the place.

Their reasoning is that they are still on soft opening but does that let them just change the menu set up on a whim? I say this because I ate at this place 2x in a span of 3 days which is why I felt duped the second time around. If I haven't made a fuss, they would have required me to order the set meal of Php500 per head. That would mean one for me, one for whoever I was with.

The set meal consists of 11 side dishes which are all refillable.

This is also part of the 11 side dishes. The number of side dishes and the taste is amazing. If we're just talking about the side dishes, almost everything was great.

Now part of the set meal is 3 main dishes. The meat, the japchae, and the kimchi jigae which is basically spicy soup.

If they wouldn't be complete money crazed people and be reasonable, I'd recommend this place. Again, it is ONLY unlimited stuff that should be not for sharing. The rest, I should be able to go in and order one bibimbap and have it split with whoever I am with without any fuss.

If they stick to making LIMITED items or one time serving only be per person, then you are better off eating at Sachon. Seriously. Biwon too.

Also, this is their receipt for now. Weird right? Menu and receipt.

So for now, I withhold judgment on this place. Eat at your own risk. Food is pretty good but the management needs to make up their mind yesterday. Till I know for sure that they have become reasonable human beings, I will NOT RECOMMEND this place.

UPDATE: 1/27/2019

It seems they now have a fixed Korean menu. Here you go.

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