Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Vittorio's Steakhouse

Vittorio's Steakhouse is located in the heart of Quezon City. It’s not hard to find with the familiar landmark of the Fanny Serrano salon and with this big a sign, you’d need to be blind to actually miss it. This is good news for people who see Quezon City as unfamiliar territory.

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The place is very simple and quite homey. There is nothing intimidating about the place but rather, it feels welcoming and warm which for a steakhouse can work both ways. For Vittorio’s, it made it seem friendlier which should encourage passersby to drop and have a taste.


Let’s start off with the appetizers. We had the corn chowder and the crab bisque. The crab bisque made its presence felt but the corn chowder could use a bit more oomph. The Chopped Noodle was interesting but may be an acquired taste for other people. For this writer, it passed the taste test. The oyster was a little meh but the real star of the appetizers was the buttered garlic shrimp.

Now, this is a definite must try. When we say it’s a must, BELIEVE US. You need to try the buttered garlic shrimp.


On to the main course and we tried out the beef and mushroom which was tasty but still needs a bit more boiling to really soften the meat. However if you are not particular about the meat being super soft, then this is another star in the menu.


The shrimp pesto, on the other hand, was pretty good but then again, if you mess up shrimp pesto, you’re really messing up everything. Thankfully, they did not mess up the shrimp pesto. The real star of the night though was the steak which was served with shrimps on top. Did we tell you that the shrimp was simply amazing in this place?

The steak was cooked medium rare and had those crunchy bits on the side. Make sure to eat your steak with the crunchy bits so that you can really get the full flavor. Afterward, we had brownies for dessert which the others loved. Overall, Vittorio Steakhouse is a place that deserves a visit if you love your steak and shrimp.

Who knows, you might actually see some of the more famous stars who frequent this place because it’s a little hidden from the normal places they go to. If it’s good enough for our local celebrities, then it must be good enough for your regular joe.

Address: 1103 Scout Borromeo St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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